What's New

Two reports released in 2017, and a third one on the way!
On September 25, 2017, the AWC released its latest report, Recommendations to Improve Lake Watershed Management in Alberta. The report documents the current state of lake watershed management in the province and presents 12 recommendations for a coordinated approach to lake watershed management.

In May 2017, the AWC released its Review of Water for Life Implementation Progress: 2012-2015, the latest in a series of five implementation reviews since 2004. For more information on this review and previous ones, please visit the Water for Life Implementation Review Committee page.

Finally, the AWC expects to release its fourth report on water conservation, efficiency and productivity (CEP) in 2017. Following on the footsteps of three previous AWC project teams on water CEP, the Evaluating Water Conservation Efficiency and Productivity Project Team reported on and evaluated progress in the implementation of sectors' CEP plans and the overall CEP process led by the AWC since 2006. Its final report was approved by the AWC board in March 2017. For more information, please visit the Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity page, and stay tuned for the public release of this report in Fall 2017!