Symposium on Exploring Water Reuse for Household, Municipal and Industrial Applications

This symposium brought together representatives from water-using sectors to share global water reuse knowledge, challenges and solutions to inform the potential development of responsive water reuse policy in Alberta. Municipalities, industries and other major water-users in Alberta, particularly in water-short areas, are starting to explore alternatives to using potable water when lower quality water is adequate for certain uses. This symposium explored the implications of water reuse from an environmental, social and economic perspective and brought light to the issues, potential concerns and successes related to water reuse. 

The event was held in Calgary in June 2014. The proceedings are available below, along with links to the presentations. For more information on this committee or its work, please contact Ms. Anuja Ramgoolam at


Proceedings PowerPoint Presentations:

Theme 1: Business and Environmental Sustainability

Edwin Piñero
Dave Lye
Dr. Stephen Stanley
Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt
Theme 2: Technology and Innovation
Brian Gregg
Dr. Mike Scribner
Dr. Preston McEachern
David Seeliger
Theme 3: How to Apply Water Reuse in Alberta
M. Kim Fries
Susan Davis Schuetz
David Lawlor
Wayne Galliher
Angela Alambets
Ryan Devlin
Susan Nelson
Harpreet Sandhu and Bert van Duin
Bill Berzins
Mark Anielski